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My two cents

I really love the app. My only concern is I have a notification that popped up on the app (the app on the home screen shows 1 notification), but every time I open the app I don’t see any notifications. It hasn’t disappeared. I don’t know if I’m not seeing something clearly or what. I got the notification not too long after purchasing the full app. It (the “1” notification) won’t disappear for anything.


This app is so difficult to understand. Not enough instructions and I paid for it. So sad to waste money on an app like this. The free one is much better.

Not working

This app is fun to use when it works properly. I’ve tried making new monograms for a few months now and on the pro version the badges never show up. Very disappointing for the price you pay for the pro version.


This app is definitely not worth the price. The badge/frame designs don’t show up so I can only use one. I wish I could get a refund. It’s ridiculous how terrible this app is.


How do I get my money back for this app?? Not good and not worth .99 even though that isn’t much, not worth it

Worst logo maker ever

Every single move jumps to an Ad. Do you even respect users??


This app is basic. I found a better free one that does more than this one

Not as appears

App claims for 100s of fonts, that is not true. There are prob 30 at the most. Pictures show the vine font, and several other fancy script fonts, none of those are included. The middle initial is not bigger, as in a traditional monogram. All the letters are the same size. Very disappointed I paid for this junky app.

Does not work.

Don't like this app, not what I wanted. Wasted $3.

I hate it

So disappointed .

Doesn't work

Can't do anything with it. Waste of $2.99 Thought it was going to be an app that I could upload monograms for vinyl.

Very disappointed

The app doesn't put the monograms the way they should be. The letter are just next to another. This most definitely is disappointing and not worth the $3.26 I ended up paying not the 2.99 😢

Crashing app!!

Just bought this app, paid 2.99 and it’s crashing!!!! 😡😡😡😤😤😤😤

Very disappointed

I want a refund. Just ordered it and it is crap

Doesn’t work. Times out every time I open it.

Doesn’t work. Times out every time I open it.

Don’t buy

Good app if it works but it just closes ever time I open it have got it to work only two times

Does NOT work!!

I purchases the app and after it downloaded it kept crashing, have not been able to use it 😡

Worst App

I spent $3 on an app that can not do a simple thing. I can’t get the monogram to center or to stay the size I need. Don’t waste your money.

Good app, but...

I really like this app and it has many gorgeous options, but I either can't figure out how to make the middle initial larger, or it isn't possible. If it's not possible, then it's a pretty huge design flaw. Ask any southern woman how to do a monogram and she'll tell you moderately sized given and middle initials flank the larger surname initial. Wish I could 🙁

Rip off

This app does not work after you download it. Waste of time and money!



Love it

Wish the was some more labels

Not for Cricut

This definitely isn't the right app to be able to make vinyl for stuff because there is no way to have a white background. I brought it for this purpose so I have definitely not been happy with it


It's good enough


Trying to get a traditional monogram that has the last name or center initial large?!? I only see that option on one or two?!!?

Better things to do with $2.99

Don't bother. It barely explains how to use this app and the circle monogram make the G look like a C if it's the first letter. You've been warned.

Don't buy!

The app never works your better with the free app

Waste of money

Waste of money


A complete waste of money! Doesn't have the fonts shown!

Save your money

A friend recommended this app to me, so I bought it. I think she had the free version. I should have tried that first. This really was a waste of 2.99. You can't do anything with it. And the "C" is messed up on every font if it is the first initial. 🙄 Since it doesn't have directions, I can't figure out how to fix it. Not worth my time anyway.


It's so confusing to use. The instructions are awful and don't help at all


Nice App

Monogram it pro

This app does not have sufficient directions to be able to use it.


App is so slow, the circle font doesn't work correctly. No other block fonts where the middle letter is bigger. I want a refund!!!!! Wish I could give it ZERO stars!!

It's lame.

No instructions, not able to change letters, don't waste your money.

Great !!!!

Love this Monogram app.So many beautiful fonts and designs,Highly recommended

No good

I have the original monogram and it's great but it stopped loading the fonts so I purchased this. this app is no good don't waste your money!

Absolutely Beautiful Wallpapers

I absolutely Love Monogram

Doesn't work

Has lots of options and allows one to create monograms with lots of backgrounds, sticker, colors, lighting and fonts. But then they can't be saved, and when you try to use the created monogram or save it it cuts off. Waste!

Waste of space on my phone.

This app is garbage. Does not deliver the backgrounds or fonts it states. Save your money!

Struggle Bus

This can't be that hard. Why can I not create a traditional monogram with the center letter being larger?!?! It is clearly shown that way in the preview app pics. I'm not a newbie! Boo!

What happened?!

The update on April 15, 2017 totally messed up this app!!! Only 5 wallpaper choices! Where did all of the others go. Stuff on the bottom too big and it covers up the choices across the bottom! Please fix quickly. Terrible update!




Complete waste of money and time!

Don't waste your $$$!

I wish I could give it 0 stars! HORRIBLE APP and doesn't properly work!

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